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telling you how they're making money tomorrow and beyond. that's up next. >>> then, gucci, just is one of the luxury brands in ppr's stable. the ceo will sit down with me next. find out what he says about the fiscal cliff, the global economy, holiday sale and more. back in a moment. >>> time to toast today's close with this. 'tis the season for holiday parties. according to a recent survey, a rise in corporate holiday parties typically reflects an improving economy. what percent of the companies surveyed will be hosting a holiday party this year? find out next. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sen
no tienes que digo yo no es necesario andar vestida gucci para llamar la atención puedes mostrar un parte . >> que más muestras? . >> lo que más me gusta las piernsas . >> esa entrevista la dio al zorro de estereosol comprobamos como era jenni rivera, por eso sus fanáticos no la olvidaran regreso a estudios .>> muchas gracias . >> la noticia de la muerte de jenni rivera llego al senado de los estados unidos . >> [hablando inglés] . >> el legislador rubio dice que hay millones de luto por la perdida de una gran estrella del país, "la diva de la banda" fue historia de éxito . >> en nuestro facebook seguidores mandan mensajes, dicen . >> que gran pena y aunque no la conocí siempre me identifique por sus canciones nadie llenara ese lugar que descane en paz la gran señora . >> dana dice la verdad es una gran perdida un gran ser humano y gran persona hasta siempre jenni . >> vamos a cambiar de tema . >> dictan sentencia a mujer que asesino a estudiante de enfermeria, estará 25 años en prisión no esta en libertad si no muestra remordimiento por el asesinato en noviembre jurado la enco
will be standing by his side. right now, i bet there are some bankers quaking in their gucci loafers. joining me now is ryan grimm, washington bureau chief of "the huffington post" who broke the warren news this morning and stephanie, president of emily's list, the progressive group that played a key role in miss warren's campaign. thanks to both of you for joining me. what does this news about miss warren's tell us about the democratic priorities in the new congress? >> just the fact of the announcement of the news is a win because there was a huge internal fight waged by bank lobbyists to keep her off this panel. just the mere fact that she's on it, that's a victory for starters. but secondly it shows that democrats are not going to be totally pushed over. it wasn't the biggest win it could be, if it was warren and tammy baldwin or warren and and hirono, or warren and both of those, then that's a huge win for progressives. warren and mansion might zero each other out. warren is much stronger than manchin is weaker. >> stephanie, have you an issue with your arm. i don't want people to think you
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a project with an artist at the gucci museum and she showed house since that creek was still there but i wrote to about the history of the creek but the landscape that is there now tells you that there was a creek there. where the river is a marshland you will find public-housing toward utilities that is considered a lesser value. but sunset creek where there is a ton of repair shops britannia mr. -- numerous late which is where people store their food cards. where there was of water supply and the the nourishment that the salt marsh gives us is mindich by the human settlement. i want to give it another name but the city looks at the area is typically to say this is an area not being used to it's full potential. oh no. talk about ecology talk called that charge is the estuary. >> to mention hastings the back of the town bases the river. then the hudson was filled with factories and it was noisy. everybody one did to move up the hill. the poor lived at the bottom. it is also economics that changes sometimes to the detriment the end of largest copper prices was in hastings. now $2 million
please advise me i will sell fake gucci bags online in the new year. don't tell anyone. >> you would keep it legit and wonderful person you are. melissa: but there are no penalties. >> takes five minute to develop an llc. melissa: right. >> you have a limited liability company you can develop online. takes five minutes to do that. what you need to do in regulatory fashion police have to monitor it better therefore they can coordinate with each other, to crack it down and break it down to prevent people selling what every it is. whether personal services as here. whether it is handbags or anything else that is inappropriate, illegal unlawful. melissa: is the bottom line people should be worried about running illegal businesses online? i'm not totally convinced? >> i have to tell you it is online business you have much better probability thriving in it, doing it, becoming an entrepreneur succeeding than if you opened up a shop anyone could see out here. it's a big problem. melissa: anita, give emuir advice, should i start be a illegal business online in the new year? >> no. melissa, where i
are looking for gucci waterfront property might value these we will -- these well-maintained homes for the appraisal valve imu the appraisal value is in the hearts of my people in crsifield. george bush reagan administrations have lived there and -- generations have lived there and all they want for their country is to help them rebuild, get the mold out, get some assistance coming in so they can get back to work. they want their homes, they want to get their lives back and they want to get their livelihoods back. and what do we have here? inertia. so, madam president, when all is said and done, i'm really tired that nothing gets done. this is the time to act. my constituents really need help. and we have been here -- i want to congratulate senator murray and senator landrieu, who chaired the committees in appropriations on fema and h.u.d., because it will be fema money and community development block grant money that will help these communities. it's been two months since sandy, two months. surely we can act. the president has made a request. yes, is it a hefty $60 billion? but lo
. >> gucci loafers on, no socks, of course. go ahead. >> handsome man. joe gives his camera to a tourist says i'm attractive, take a picture of me. boom. the picture is taken. picture is taken. >> where are we going here? >> you -- >> i'm so confused my teeth hurt. >> you take it on instagram. next thing you know your photo is used by aquavelva in an add. instagram, the photo sharing service, changed terms of service because they were bought by facebook where basically any photos you upload can be used by advertisers without your okay and without pay. >> i can just say, this is why i've always hated instagram. i've got kids that are so precious to me and of course i take a million pictures, like any parent. a couple of times i took it on instagram and i thought i had had all the security things in place? and suddenly people are commenting on how cute my kids are. i'm like what? so i completely have gotten rid of the app. i love the app. i can't use it though because i never know when the world's going to see my kids. >> you got to blame facebook here though because they bought instagram. this
of choices," asnd thid, and my favorite, "showdown at gucci gulch," which he co- authored with jeffrey birbaum. alan has all received two overseas press club awards for his writings on asia as well at the john hancock award for his coverage of the federal reserve. in addition to serving on the miller center governing council, he is a member of the gridiron club, the economics club of new york, and the council on foreign relations. he also happen to serve a long time ago on the board of visitors at that alma mater not too far away from the university of virginia, the university of north carolina. please join me and say hello to our distinguished moderator, alan murray. [applause] >> thank you for that generous introduction and for being willing to overlook the disability of my alma mater. [laughter] we have just been through the most expensive election campaign in the history of the world. i think it totalled over $2 billion we spent over the course of many months, repeated debates, exhaustive, and when it was over we woke up the next morning and discovered nothing much had changed. the
under water. >> this feels cool. >> it's like a gucci purse with a heart beat. >> we won't do that to you. don't listen to him. cover your ears. >> keep those ears covered. when you're dining in the everglades, gator tail is the main course with a starter of frog legs. >> all righty. i hear we're cooking some legs back here. these are the frog legs. obviously. what's in there? >> that's eggs, garlic, and a secret ingredient. >> can't give that away. >> no. >> then we lay them in the bread crumbs and shake it up. and repeat for the gator tail then off to the basket for some frying. >> there we go. so much going on here. bread on the grill. gator and frogs. you are a man of multitask. >> yes, ma'am. going to finish up your plate and i'll have somebody bring it to you. >> all right. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> for the first time in my life i'm more intimidated by the frog than the alligator. so i think i'm going to start with the alligator first. it's a mixture between a fried clam and chicken. if they had a baby, it would be an alligator. looks like popcorn chicken so it's
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10

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